Everything you wanted to know about Pagan weddings, but were afraid to ask

Original post at Offbeat Bride

Robert and Cecily decorated their broom using handmade cords from their handfasting. Photos by Naomi Wong Photography

All the Weddings is all about inclusiveness, positivity, and having the wedding you want to have. If it seems like the right thing for you, build traditions in to your ceremony which hark back to old and new Pagan religions. This blog tells you what to expect if you’re a guest at a Pagan wedding, from celebrating diversity to convenient footwear. Enjoy.

“There is a good chance that among the guests and wedding party there will be people of every background. Expect to meet wonderful folks of many different gender identities, sexual orientations, races, social and economic backgrounds, and abilities. Equality, open mindedness, and inclusiveness are important values to Pagans.

Chances are good that the event will be held outdoors, so dress for the weather and leave your stiletto heels at home.”

Read the full post at Offbeat Bride


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